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Managing staff, quicker car parking facilities and protecting your assets will ultimately save you and your business time and money, we are the experts in making your business more efficient.

Renard Systems (UK) strive to develop new techniques with the latest technology. We pride ourselves in using the latest equipment and operations to create innovative specialised security solutions.

We have several Specialist Products:

Your staff are probably the most important asset you have, however they are probably also the most expensive asset. You could be losing  10 minutes a day per person.

We offer several product ranges for the application of time and attendance recording. At Renard Systems, we can tailor your business needs to the most suitable package available

Time & Attendance Recording

Integrated Systems link all your security together as one unit.

Integrating all your security systems ensures your network of protection communicates together, as one complete system.

Any business is able to integrate all their security measures, which enable monitoring and controlling an entire security site using the existing network. This can be accessed anywhere, anytime, on or off the site at whichever location around the world suits you best, even at home, if you prefer!

Renard Systems provide instant real time data, which can be analysed and investigated, giving you greater control over your business. We provide reliable, functional, consistent integrated systems, which create exceptional performance.

Integrated Systems

Most unmanned vehicle access control systems rely on some sort of card, token or proximity device to gain access to a site or parking area. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) doesn't need this physical "key" from each user.


ANPR is a system that automatically reads a number plate and checks it against a database of users before allowing entry. Using a specially designed digital camera, linked to a server with ANPR software, this system can save your business time and money controlling vehicles efficiently.

Integrating existing systems, tollbooth applications and petrol forecourt applications can all be applied to ANPR.

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)

THEFT is happening in your business, whether your high value assets are lost, stolen or damaged, the outcome is still the same - loss of money!

Renard Systems will provide you with the technology to secure, track and manage your high value assets by using ISIS Asset Tagging.


Asset Tagging is a sensor or tag which uses long range Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).

Laptops, servers, handheld PC's IT cabinets and audio visible equipment can now be located very simply, giving you the ability to manage your equipment more efficiently. Wireless sensors are installed around the business ensuring your high value assets can be moved around freely. All this information and data can be accessed at anytime from a central monitoring system.

Asset Tagging

This year we have seen some exciting new technological advances and can deliver a bespoke service to you. This new exciting system is called iQ and can increase the safety and security using recognition and detection.

iQ can be used in a variety of industries; airports, banks, car parks, casinos, hospitals, museums, prisons, schools, universities, football stadiums and many more. This intelligent system can recognise a person, object or car and determine whether it is meant to be in that area.

Security cameras can scan faces entering and leaving a venue and connect to a database and alert security of anything suspicious or any known thieves or hooligans.

The system will also detect abandoned objects, trespassing, graffiti, water spills, over crowding and smoke or fire.

Click here to see how the IQ system can benefit your business .

Facial Recognition