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Security, surveillance, controlled access and fire detection systems reduce threats in your business and our society. Renard Systems (UK) have several solutions to ensure you and your business are protected to the highest standard.

At competitive prices, we tailor make packages to suit your needs and requirements.

Access control and intruder protection are just some areas where Renard Systems can secure your business. Using pioneering technology your system can be linked to the police or fire service, providing 24 hour additional security and peace of mind.

Access Control provides the ability to control, monitor and restrict the movement of people, assets or vehicles in, out and around a building or site.

This provides companies with the ability to protect their people, assets and property.


Functioning as a Stand Alone System or an On-line System, both access control methods can be  connected to one operator station.

Products range from tokens, smart cards, digital keypads, all the way through to biometric identification systems.

Controlled Access Systems

Renard Systems can design, install and maintain quality intruder detection systems for your individual needs.


Most systems feature a control panel, where a wide range of detection devices are connected. The latest control panels offer a range of features, including the ability to connect to a local or network PC and arm and disarm the system via smart cards.

Retail outlets or Offices

We have the capability to design and install a system, which may be completely monitored and controlled via a single PC. One employee can remotely arm and disarm the system, view history log and respond to alarms.

External areas or Elevations

External passive infrared protection utilises the intruder alarm panels, the CCTV system can easily be activated to automatically move dome cameras to "pre-set" positions.

Intruder Detection Services

State of the art technology provides effective, powerful, secure, CCTV solutions.

Renard Systems designs are tailor made for your business. We will secure your site using network videos, cameras, video encoders, alarm information and video motion detection.

CCTV images can be viewed securely using the Internet, providing indispensable monitoring even at remote locations. Operating via your existing computer networks, TP network cameras and IP surveillance are flexible, professional observation packages that protect your business, your people and your buildings.


Most commercial and industrial premises require a fire detection system to protect life and property.


New system

If you are considering a full upgrade or would like a single “seat” operation with PC graphics, our expertise in system design is technology at its best. We offer a full installation service and all of our engineers are qualified and certified.

Technical Support

If you have an existing fire detection arrangement and are interested in maintenance, we can inform you of the latest certified measures in full accordance with the latest fire standards.

A typical system will include a combination of point heat and smoke detectors, flame detectors, air sampling devices and sounders. Increasingly, CCTV cameras can be used with specialist software to detect fires.

We believe the products offered by us are amongst the best for performance, reliability and quality.

Fire Detection Systems