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There are many analytical products out there but our new iQ system has unique characteristics, the new system can

• Evaluate extensive crowded scenes

• Has comprehensive applications, with the ability to detect and identify on the same camera

• Eliminate false alarms with our unbeatable Nuisance Alarm Minimisation System

• 24-7 support from Renard Systems (UK)

All our products are tailor made packages to suit your business requirements.

Abandoned Objects

Advance Counting

Crowd Management

Facial Recognition

Abandoned objects in a crowd

Detect theft in a crowd

Trespassing – wrong way or unauthorised entry

Graffiti and vandalism detection

Suspicious behaviour - loitering, sudden crowd gathering, man-down

Facial recognition systems

Detect and track suspects or criminals accompanied with a many-to-many facial recognition system

System health check for camera malfunction or sabotage

Security detection

Operation management

Advance Safety measure

Intruder Alarm

Health & Safety

50% or more of the face is recognised when wearing glasses or a hat

People counting and crowd management - understand traffic flow in certain areas or at particular times of the day/week/ month/year to enable more efficient use of resources and marketing strategies

Determine rents for shops based on traffic flow

Queue management and calculation of average waiting time – for managing customer satisfaction and service in areas with long queues of people

Detect and automate the process for understanding the number of taxis at the stand (to call for more taxis if the queue has increased)

Licence Plate Recognition to automate vehicle access (particularly for VIPs or senior executives)

Detect parking violations - use of Licence Plate Recognition system to automate the law enforcement and fining process for vehicles parked illegally

Detect running, skateboarding or slips and falls

Detect water spills to reduce public liability

Overcrowding and congestion detection – adherance to safety regulations

Smoke and fire detection, conventional smoke detection cannot be effective in areas with high ceilings